About This Project

We have led the charge on Bellwright‘s PR campaign since it’s initial announcement in 2023.


Bellwright is Donkey Crew’s gritty town-building survival game currently in development for Steam Early Access with console versions to follow.


Bellwright received a roaring reception from the Steam Community during Steam Next Fest in June 2023, achieving over 100,000 wishlists. Since then, wishlists have surpassed 300,000 and the development team has exhibited the game at Gamescom 2023 and had trailers featured on both the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted (2023) and The Game Awards (2023), receiving an overwhelmingly positive reaction from press and players alike.


Campaign Highlights: Steam Next Fest (2023), Gamescom (2023), PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted (2023), The Game Awards (2023).