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About This Project

Since 2017, we have proudly represented Warframe and Digital Extremes across Europe and Australia. Since our appointment, we have successfully established new Friendlies year on year across key top tier outlets, resulting in consistent and high quality coverage.


Warframe is a hit free-to-play sci-fi action loot shooter with co-op play at its heart. First launching in 2013, Warframe now boasts an audience of over 70 million players worldwide across Steam PC, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch™.


PR highlights include: Plains of Eidolon launch campaign (2017), Fortuna launch campaign (2018), Warframe’s Nintendo Switch launch campaign (2018), Empyrean launch campaign (2019), Railjack launch campaign (2019), Heart of Deimos launch campaign (2020), The New War launch campaign (2021), Angels of the Zariman launch campaign (2022), Duviri Paradox launch campaign (TBC), TennoCon (2017), TennoCon (2018), TennoCon (2019), TennoCon (2020), TennoCon (2021), TennoCon (2022), GameStar Warframe Special Booklet (2019), PC Gamer Christmas Front Cover Issue (2019), PC Gamer Christmas Front Cover Issue (2021).